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Saturday News and Notes wants you to stay off its court

Storming the court is about to cost your favorite institution a lot more money, and punching a police officer in the throat is probably not a good move.

It's your tuition, guys
It's your tuition, guys
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SEC adopts proposal that prevents transfer students with histories of domestic violence or sexual assault
I'm sure there will be some push back on this, but the SEC's new commissioner is drawing an extremely hard line on transfers with histories of domestic violence. Athletes who have a history of DV or sexual abuse charges "shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at an SEC member institution." That's about as clear as you can get.

Arkansas State Red Wolves' Anthony Livingston charged with punching officer in throat
This probably doesn't go over really well either. Livingston, Arkansas State's leading scorer and rebounder, was at a medical facility for reasons that aren't clear and punching the officer in the throat didn't keep him from getting Tasered. The officer has been hospitalized.

SEC passes tougher fines for court storming
It probably won't include getting Tasered, but the penalties for storming the court just went way up. What was a $5,000 fine to the institution for a first offense just jumped to $50,000, previously as harsh as things could get. By the time a third offense occurs, the school will be coughing up a quarter of a million dollars. $50k is probably worth it for a momentous win, but hopefully this eliminates the ridiculous court storming epidemic of the last few years.

How Fred Hoiberg became too big for Iowa State
If the likely departure of Fred Hoiberg from Iowa State to the NBA has you worried that there are parallels to Coach Mack, you can stop. Hoiberg is a hot commodity because he took a moribund team and turned it around. Coach Mack has done an excellent job, but it's not the same.

Who Replaces Fred Hoiberg as Iowa State Head Coach?
On the other hand, the Cyclones could do a lot worse than Coach Mack as a replacement. Apparently this list has been put together to illustrate that point.

Former Vandy guard Dai-Jon Parker dies at age 22
Much like wearing a seat belt in your car should be second nature, so should wearing a life jacket on the water. Unfortunately, Dai-Jon Parker was not on Thursday night.