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Friday news and notes can certainly dunk

...or can it?

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"Matt, can you dunk?" "Next question."
"Matt, can you dunk?" "Next question."
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports


  • First things first: if we're not sure that Matt Stainbrook can dunk, we can rest assured - via Mel Stainbrook - that his brother Tim can. Tim: the more talented Stainbrook?
  • The Musketeers released their non-conference schedule yesterday; Brad took a first look at it here.
  • Speaking of Stainbrooks, Matt took a workout with the Phoenix Suns yesterday. Word on the Twitter machine is that he's also working out for the Clippers, the Lakers, and the Warriors.

Big East


  • Jeff Goodman takes a look at his top 50 teams with a projected starting lineup (Insider required). Xavier slots in a #27 with Myles, Remy, JP, Trevon, and Jalen listed as the starting five.
  • Former Michigan State center Garrick Sherman got drunk and silly on Twitter last night.
  • I don't really watch the NBA, but this guy was bleeding from the ear but kept playing. That can't be in keeping with their concussion protocols: