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Wednesday News and Notes is despressing

Cheating, academic awards for simply sitting in class, terrible officials, and racism. Just another day of news.

Just some good, clean basketball.
Just some good, clean basketball.
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Academic issues may sideline St. John’s point guard for fall semester
Joel touched on this in a fanshot this week, but Rysheed Jordan is once again making headlines for not playing. This time, he's expected to be academically ineligible for at least the fall semester. Jordan has responded to this news by intimating that he may leave the program altogether.

Duke, Kentucky basketball teams earn top marks in classroom in APR report
To learn how seriously the NCAA takes academics, read this report. Teams are honored based on stringent standards for the academic award. How seriously? "Players earn one point each semester for remaining academically eligible and another point each semester if they stay in school." That's right, players have to stay eligible and stay in school to earn two points. Wow, NCAA! What a commitment to learning!

North Carolina Tar Heels receive notice of allegations from NCAA
Speaking of academics, UNC is still in trouble for theirs. There's plenty of whining about being unfairly persecuted from Roy Williams in here, but it boils down to the fact that the Tar Heels cheated to keep players eligible back when they were one of the national powers.

There’s only one way the NCAA gets UNC investigation wrong: a 2016 postseason ban
Rob Dauster correctly points out that the one thing UNC shouldn't do is take out it's frustration at having been caught on the current set of players. It's easy for programs to slap kids who don't deserve it with the punishments for those who do. A punishment with real teeth (something along the lines of making academic fraud a codified offense) is needed.

Friday’s most important rule changes only matter if refs actually enforce them
This comes down freedom of movement. Refs have to suffer along with the free throw parade until players start adjusting. It has been poor officiating and inexcusable management of those officials that has put college basketball in this situation, so those people need to accept the responsibility for fixing it.

Illinois women's basketball players allege racism, abuse from coaches
There's really just no place for anything like this in the world. If it's true, this guy should be blackballed from all levels of coaching.