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Tuesday News and Notes is about Marty McFly

College basketball news is slim, so we start with a trip to the theater of the absurd.

Even I get Back to the Future references.
Even I get Back to the Future references.
Rommel Demano/Getty Images

This is the time of year when college basketball news becomes scarce. There's plenty of talk about golf (how exciting!) but not a whole of information on the guys that shape the fall and winter. Sure, the Indians swept the Reds and left the Banners staff and Matt Stainbrook feeling very smug, but that's baseball. There is a bit to talk about in college hoops though, and here it is.

Does 'Jurassic Park' violate Title IX? And other dumb NCAA questions about summer movies
This is patently absurd but extremely amusing. Steven Godfrey and Ryan Nanni answer questions like "A player has one year after high school graduation to enroll in a college. After that, eligibility starts to run out. Does that mean Marty McFly can't play in 2015, since his graduation would have been in the 1980s? If he goes to 1955, does the pre-1972 freshman ineligibility rule apply?" in the manner of the NCAA hierarchy.

Can John Calipari and Kentucky overcome striking out in spring recruiting?
UK was not it's usual dominant self in spring recruiting. Calipari may be running out of his improper benefit slush fund or players may be less interested in playing for a megalomaniac than they were last season. Whatever the reason, the Wildcats aren't quite as loaded as normal. So, of course...

John Calipari denies interest in Pelicans job
Ignore the headline here and look only at the salary disparity. If New Orleans closes it down, Calipari will act like most of his free agents recruits and follow the money. Speaking of which...

Kentucky now has an assistant coach making $700K per season
If you're wondering, that's just $409,000 less than Coach Mack made to lead Xavier to the Sweet 16 and is actually more than Archie Miller is making to work the miracle that is making Dayton relevant. Kentucky remains all about the money.

ISU AD Jamie Pollard is handling Bulls-Hoiberg situation perfectly
Jamie Pollard landed local hero Fred Hoiberg for Iowa State, but now faces the prospect of losing him to the NBA's Chicago Bulls. Pollard of course is throwing a huge fit about loyalty and keeping commitments "That's a personal decision he's got to make and it's complicated. [But] I think he's earned the right to be able to deal with it how he sees fit." Or not. Kudos to ISU's AD for taking the high road. Here's to hoping Hoiberg stays home.

Wojnarowski On Bulls’ Future: ‘Fred Hoiberg Is Really The Only Candidate’
Of course, there is all that NBA prestige and money.