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Memorial Day news and notes

Enjoy your holiday, such as it is.

This guy will eventually get paid to play.
This guy will eventually get paid to play.
Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Memorial Day has always been kind of a morbid holiday for me. I know people enjoy the extra day off and getting together with family and what not, but there's also the undercurrent that we are remembering not those who have served in the military but those who have died in that service. I hope you all enjoy your day, but please keep in mind those who have given their all for our country and those they have left behind. Here's the news...


  • Muskies target Xavier Simpson is planning more visits before he makes a decision. He had been tabbed to announce this week with X as the clear favorite, but the timetable was apparently a miscommunication. I'm all for guys taking their time and making good decisions, because that LOI is really restrictive once it's signed.
  • Markelle Fultz has mentioned Xavier along with some blue-blood programs in his recruitment. The kid can really play. It's a long shot, but he would be a great get for Xavier.

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