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Monday News and Notes: TOs limited, Gibbs signs.

Timeouts are finally being limited, Tom Crean is either the hero or a villain, and Sterling Gibbs is definitely a villain.

Cover your head, Ryan!
Cover your head, Ryan!
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

NCAA committee calls for 30-second shot clock among series of proposals to speed up games
It looks like the shortened shot clock is going to become a reality in college basketball. While that will have no real impact on the game, the less publicized rule changes here are the ones that are going to make a difference. An emphasis on actually enforcing the defensive rules and, finally, cutting down the amount of timeouts allowed each team could make a real difference for those who want to speed the rate of the game. The timeout proposal in its entirety:

"Proposed changes related to timeouts:
1. Number of timeouts reduced from 5 to 4, with no more than 3 being carried over into second half
2. Stricter enforcement of resumption of play coming out of timeouts and after a player has fouled out.
3. Team timeouts within 30 seconds before media timeouts will become media timeouts, with exception of first team timeout in second half."

That's a step in the right direction.

Winning remains all that can save Tom Crean at Indiana -
Indiana Basketball might have made the wrong choice in dismissing Devin Davis - The Crimson Quarry
The saga at Indiana continues to spin out of control. You'll get two very opposing viewpoints in these two articles. Either Tom Crean is grandstanding at the cost of a poor victimized kid, or he's finally doing what he should have done long ago. For my money, it's hard to feel bad for someone who not only breaks the law, but does it in a really ignorant way.

UConn Huskies land top transfer Sterling Gibbs from Seton Hall Pirates
UConn cold cocked the rest of college basketball by landing Sterling Gibbs on an immediate transfer. This move should give the Huskies more punch and leave opponents defenseless against the previously unexpected onslaught. Gibbs will likely give the AAC a battering this year.

Sterling Gibbs is a cheap shot and punches people, is what I'm trying to say. How a player who committed simple assault on a basketball court becomes the crown jewel of transfer season is beyond me. The incident in which Gibbs punched a defenseless Ryan Arcidiacono in the face doesn't even merit a mention in this article.