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The Chris Mack recruiting map

Who doesn't love cartography?

I drew this freehand.
I drew this freehand.

In Coach Mack's time as the head man at Xavier, 23 players have signed to play for him and subsequently followed through on that commitment. Others have signed but never shown up on campus (Aleksander Vezenkov, who never even made it to the right continent), come to campus and not played (NAIA legend Chris Cantino, for one), or are still waiting to be the proverbial next man up (I see you working, Makinde London and Edmond Sumner).

Since we're still six months from the next immediately meaningful action on the basketball schedule, let's spend next week taking a look at the 11 states that have provided Musketeers during the Coach Mack Era and evaluate which states have provided the best and worst and most interesting contributors.

I suspect there will be few if any genuine shockers in this, but I love maps and spreadsheets and this project will involve both of them. If not surprising, the information will surely at least clear the lesser bar of being interesting. We'll start from states that have contributed a lone player to the cause and work all the way up to the heart of Xavier's current recruiting grounds.

It's going to be a hoot. I'll leave you with this, a map of each state that has sent a player to X under Coach Mack, color-coded by number of players: