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Friday News and Notes gets along better than the Fab Five

One of the most interesting teams in college basketball history cannot stop fighting, and the Pac 12 expands to China.

Take a timeout on the anger, Chris.
Take a timeout on the anger, Chris.
Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Jalen Rose, Jimmy King fire back at Chris Webber over comments made on Dan Patrick Show
I really do hate to see this. While Duke and Christian Laettner were trying desperately to keep khakis, heavily coiffed hair, and sweaters tied at the waist in vogue, the Fab Five looked and played like most of us growing up at the time wanted to look and play. The long shorts and the attitude went a long way toward shaping an entire of generation of basketball players. To see that degenerate into sniping at one another through the media is a bit disheartening.

Shot clock change won't save college basketball, but it's a start
You can read Joel's thoughts on the rule changes here and here, and this article adds to the point that this is largely a cosmetic change. Shortening the shot clock just shortens the time that defenses have to defend and gives them more opportunity to engage intensely without paying the price. At some point the NCAA will have to make a real change.

Pac-12 plans on playing basketball games in China every season
This idea is so absurd it verges on the sublime. The "student athletes" are going to be flown to China to play games every year, starting with this one. They will do all this traveling (think of the missed classes!) just like professional athletes but without any of the compensation. Once again, the NCAA is breaking the scales of hypocrisy.

Florida Gators release Noah Dickerson from letter of intent
Xavier wasn't in on either of the players mentioned in this article originally, but that doesn't mean they won't be now. KeVaughn Allen would be an interesting addition.

Indiana dismisses Devin Davis, Hanner Mosquera-Perea
The Hoosier's suspensions of Davis and Mosquera-Perea just became a whole lot more than that. It takes an astonishing lack of judgment to get caught with weed in your own room, but these guys pulled that off. A quick read of the article explains why Indiana chose now to punish them for it.

Shaq's son, Shareef O'Neal, receives offer from USC
This included just to make those of you who remember Shaq's recruitment feel old.