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Wednesday news and notes doesn't smoke weed

UNC can't recruit because the NCAA punishment wheel hasn't stopped spinning; Devin Davis loves controlled substances.

"I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris."
"I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris."
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North Carolina Tar Heels' ability to land high-level recruits hindered by ongoing academic investigation
This just in, getting caught cheating may have negative effects. UNC is having trouble with recruiting because players have no idea what is going to happen (other than that they'll get great grades). Top level targets are looking elsewhere because the Tar Heels are in limbo.

Devin Davis of Indiana Hoosiers suspended from basketball team after marijuana citation
Regardless of what you think of whether marijuana should be legal or not, it currently isn't. Devin Davis was very well aware of that when he chose to posses the controlled substance on Indiana's campus. This isn't the first time Davis has been involved with someone doing something illegal, but at least this time he didn't get hit by a car.

Rasheed Sulaimon to play senior season for Maryland Terrapins
Another player who was dogged by legal trouble has found another place to play. I was taken aback at first by Sulaimon going to Maryland, but then I remembered the teams aren't rivals anymore.

Reports: Northern Kentucky to accept bid to Horizon League

Atlantic Sun Conference makes statement following NKU departure
These stories are inextricable from one another. The Atlantic Sun is in grave danger of losing their NCAA bid if another team leaves. Despite the recent exodus of teams (and congratulations to NKU for continuing their rise), the ASUN has not brought in any replacements. If a team doesn't join the conference soon, and it's not exactly a step up for many, they will go by the wayside.

Observations: Arizona will have added competition from Cal, Oregon
Dylan Ennis is a big reason that Arizona won't be running away from the pack this year. His addition should make an already entertaining Oregon team even more fun to watch.

John Calipari expected to receive contract extension from Kentucky
UK fans are rejoicing at this news as if their cheating hero won't leave the moment he feels like it. He will, and then all this will be vacated as he lays waste to the reputation of another program.