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Friday News and Notes likes Derek Anderson

Xavier hunts a guard and Derek Anderson says what the rest of a sycophantic state and media won't.

"Maybe I should have done the very simplest of game prep tasks instead of just being an arrogant wank."
"Maybe I should have done the very simplest of game prep tasks instead of just being an arrogant wank."
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Persons, a 6-3 guard, was the Atlantic Sun freshman of the year and averaged 13.4/4.6/3.7 last year for the Norse.

Derek Anderson could not have been more wrong in his Calipari critique | CollegeBasketballTalk

And Rob Dauster couldn't be more wrong here. Derek Anderson is exactly right that Calipari is a bad game coach. Not watching game film and not game planning for one of the most exquisite offenses in the college game is the very height of undeserved arrogance. One and done is not the pox on the game that most make it out to be, coaches like Calipari are.

Kentucky Wildcats stay atop revised way-too-early top 25

That doesn't keep the freshest batch of free agents landing at the top of this list. More interesting to Xavier fans is the Musketeers appearance at #22.

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera discusses reason for returning for senior year | CollegeBasketballTalk

Georgetown lands at #19 on the aforementioned list largely because DSR is returning. The essential reason for his return is that he wants to go deeper into the NCAA tournament. I'm sure not being a draft lock had nothing to do with it.

UPDATED: 2015-16 Way Too Early College Basketball preseason rankings | CollegeBasketballTalk

And that bolsters Georgetown up to 12th on this list. Once again, Xavier makes the list, this time at 19th.

Conference USA won’t change bylaws to accommodate UAB | CollegeBasketballTalk

Finally, UAB is in trouble because they don't have football. Maybe they could join a different mediocre conference that focuses on basketball. Maybe the AAC, or Conference USA Redux, would be open to adding another bad team.