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Thursday News and Notes has landmark numbers

The O'Bannons finally win their case and the incredibly broken game of of college basketball continues to rake in record numbers on both television and Las Vegas.

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Hausfeld to Reap Hefty Fees for NCAA Suit | The Recorder
Long after most fans have forgotten Ed and Charles O'Bannon, they finally stand ready to receive a massive amount of money in their anti-trust suit against the NCAA. Aside from the eye popping amount of money awarded (around $50 million), this sets precedent that the NCAA can no longer use players likeness without in some way compensating them.

2015 NCAA tourney smashes Las Vegas gambling records -
If only the game weren't so irrevocably broken, it might have set records in both TV audience and gambling numbers. Of course I'm being sardonic, and it did. The NCAA tournament is the greatest sporting event in the world, and everyone except a few moronic media members who wish everything was the NBA seem to recognize that.

Chris Jones, former Louisville Cardinals basketball player, cleared on rape charge
A grand jury has cleared former Louisville basketball player Chris Jones on rape and sodomy charges.

Rasheed Sulaimon denies assault, says dismissal was separate matter
In his first public comment, former Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon denied he had committed a sexual assault and said that his dismissal from the Blue Devils in January was for a separate matter.

Those are listed together to highlight the disturbing trend of these kind of allegations on college campuses. I won't say that when there is smoke there is fire applies directly to these two young men, but it is indicative of a much larger problem in college society. Sexual assault is becoming a serious issue, and it needs to be dealt with severely, not with lenience.

Billy Donovan agrees to multi-year deal with Oklahoma City Thunder
Joel already covered the Xavier angle on this with an article earlier, but it's looking like Donovan leaving is essentially a done deal. Coach Mack's name will continue to pop up in conjunction with this, but Joel did a nice job of explaining why Xavier fans shouldn't panic yet.