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Are you in line for free Chipotle?

Probably not.

Can Bucky bring home the barbacoa for one lucky fan?
Can Bucky bring home the barbacoa for one lucky fan?
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA Tournament winding down to its final weekend, there are only four contenders left battling for the national title. In the Banners Bracket Pool, much like in real life, things are still quite interesting with the field having been narrowed down to five stalwarts still hoping for the win. While most of the over 60 people in the contest are out of contention (me included) there will still be free Chipotle on the line for a few people watching this weekend, and we will attempt to break down the scenarios in which each person wins free stuff. The current leader is the ambitiously named xavierwinstourny, who got 6 of the Elite Eight correct as well as the entire Final Four. His prognostication skills have proven formidable, and Wisconsin winning the title would net him the win and some free burritos. His closest competition sits a decent way back, but is dangerous due to the weight of the points available on the weekend. If the Kentucky Wildcats take home the title over Michigan State, USSChoo and abqxu will be waiting to see who wins the tie breaker, based on the predicted score of the game. If UK triumphs over Duke, current 5th place dweller xufanintheville will leapfrog into the lead and take home his $25 of free food. The final man standing in our challenge is CalebXU, who would benefit from another Duke title by securing one of his own and with it a prize more precious than a National Championship itself: food someone else paid for.

With only these five with something still left to play for, the rest of us can sit back and observe with little vested interest in the proceedings, as we no longer have a dog in the fight. Just like the real tournament. Only with more Chipotle.