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Summer is

Summer, it's just not good for basketball.

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The doldrums of college basketball come in the months of summer when everything else is at its most active. Until October, it's not much but discussion of potentially bad rule changes, recruiting, more recruiting, and hoping that nothing happens to the players currently on the roster. It was in this down time that Dez Wells committed an act of indiscretion, Mark Lyons left, Justin Martin left, and Thad Matta and Sean Miller were lured away.

That's the bad news. The good news is that it was in the summer that players like Jordan Crawford and Tu Holloway joined the Musketeers and the groundwork for some of the most successful seasons for Xavier were laid. Summer is when 10,000 jumpshots per day go up, miles go into legs, and coaches spend countless hours fine tuning the little parts of gameplans that didn't come off quite so well in the previous season.

Unfortunately, fans don't get to see all of that. For the summer, it's just two struggling baseball teams for Ohio fans. Here at Banners we'll attempt to keep you up to date on all the recruiting deals, offers made, and anything else that happens with the team. Summer is coming, and that means less basketball, but we'll try to keep you up date. Summer... eh.