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Matt and Dee leave a large statistical void at Xavier

Xavier lost a lot of heart and soul when Matt Stainbrook and Dee Davis graduated, but what exactly did they lose on the court?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Stainbrook and Dee Davis have both played their final game for the Xavier Musketeers. While their departure leaves fans understandably a bit saddened, and forces sportswriters to come up with something other than Uber stories, their departure will be felt more acutely on the court. Stainbrook was the best player on the team last year, and Dee had used his four years to go from backup to a legend to one of the best assist men in the nation. What, exactly, is Xavier losing this year?

Points: 29% of the team's output

Between Matt (12.3 ppg) and Dee (9.0 ppg) the team is losing 29% of their scoring from last season. Dee scored in double figures 14 times, including in all of the last four games, and led the team in the dramaticwin over UC in the Crosstown Shootout. The Stain Train was in double figures 24 times and posted Xavier's highest scoring game of the year with 26 in vital one point win in a game against Creighton that the Musketeers simply could not lose.

Remaining leaders: Trevon Bluiett (11.0 ppg), Myles Davis (10.6 ppg), Jalen Reynolds (9.9 ppg).

Rebounds: 27% of the team's output

It probably goes without saying that Stainbrook (6.9 rpg, 9.6% OR Rate, 22.2% DR Rate) was the main contributor in this category. Matt landed in the top 400 in the nation in both rebound rates (80th in DR) and was Xavier's leading rebounder for the year despite the presence of leapers like James Farr and Jalen Reynolds. Dee (2.4 rpg, 1.3 OR%, 7.7 DR%) did not have quite the same impact on the glass.

Remaining leaders: Jalen Reynolds (6.1 rpg, 11.9 OR%, 24.6 DR%), James Farr (5.3 rpg, 11 OR%, 30.5 DR%)

Assists: 52% of the team's output

It's here where the loss of Dee Davis will really be felt. Dee averaged six assists per game and his assist rate of 33.5% was good for 43rd in the nation. Those are the numbers of a borderline elite point guard. Dee had games of 12 and 15 assists this year, both of which are astronomical numbers. Second on the team in assists was Stainbrook with 2.4 per game. Basically, these two set up and then co-ordinated the offense on most trips down the floor. Xavier will lose the very most here, because they have lost the two cogs that made the offense tick.

Remaining leaders: Myles Davis (2.1 apg), Trevon Bluiett (1.9 apg).

Other stats of note:

  • Dee made 15% of Xavier's three pointers this year.
  • Stainbrook took 18% of Xavier's free throws on the season and had 19.2% of the team's makes.
  • Dee led the team with 80.7% of possible minutes played. Stainbrook was fourth at 65.6%.
  • Dee also led the team with 48 steals, 21.5% of the team's total.
  • No one on the team drew more fouls than Stainbrook this year.