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Coach Chris Mack Fan Vote

You've told us what you think about the players, here's your chance to do the same for the coach.

Coach Mack once again led his team to the Sweet 16.
Coach Mack once again led his team to the Sweet 16.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We've already asked you to rate the players' individual performances on the year, and many thanks to those of you who did. Now we're going to move on to the head man. The "student-athletes" are generally (but not always) insulated a little bit from the harshest criticism by virtue of the fact that they're essentially just college kids, but the head coach is an adult being handsomely compensated for his efforts.

People generally feel free to let the coach have it early and often, regardless of whether or not he has done anything to deserve it or they know what the heck they're talking about. From now through the end of the week we'll have a poll up to allow you to quantify your feelings for Coach Mack much the way you did for his players. It's a little different, so I'll spend some time in largely needless explanation of each category.

For offense, consider how much the team looked like it knew what it was doing out there. Were there extended dry spells that the coach could have prevented? Did we need to shoot more threes? Feed the post more? Go slower/faster? Execution is largely on the five guys out there, but the game plan is on the coach and he should be graded according to how viable it was.

For defense, consider how well-equipped the team was to do what the coach asked. Should we have gone zone more? Was a full-court press an underused tool in the arsenal? Could we have extended the man instead of packing it in? Should players have been asked to defend straight-up rather than helping off? Was there a coaching-related reason we got bombed to death from beyond the arc?

For man management, consider how well the roster was constructed and employed. Should we have used the bench more/less? Was it a good idea to bring in a six-man freshman class? Was it the right move to redshirt London and Sumner? Did the right players start and get the most and most important minutes? Did Coach Mack have control of the team? Could he have made Brandon Randolph happy enough to stay?

For overall, throw in whatever you feel isn't covered by the above three categories. Maybe you think Mack didn't handle press conferences well or dressed sloppily or should grow his hair out. Maybe you feel like he didn't have the team ready to go early in the season/games/halves. Anything that is more of the broad strategy of basketball and less about X's and O's or personnel goes here.

Got it? Good. Feel free to question/complain/explain your grades in the comments section below.