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Monday Morning Conversation

If Trey Lewis wasn't the answer, who might be? What should Xavier add for next year?

Dee Davis and Ricky Tarrant
Dee Davis and Ricky Tarrant
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Joel: So we didn't end up landing Trey Lewis. With two empty scholarships and a signing period coming up, do we need another player? How do we feel about the roster as currently constructed?

Brad: I'd say we need to add some depth. I hate the idea of willingly starting the season down two scholarship spots with Sumner on the roster. We aren't deep enough as constructed.

Bryan: As currently constructed it is a really good team, but is pretty reliant on health and lack of foul trouble for our point guards and especially for Jalen. I would prefer to add a steady hand in the back court ( not convinced Lewis was it) and another big body, transfer or freshman.

Brad: I voted no on our poll about bringing in Lewis. I don't think he was the answer here.

Joel: I think we can be good how we're set up right now. At some point in time you have to have a hierarchy on the roster, and I think ours is set up pretty well as it is. If we believe in our recruiting, O'Mara and LAJ are the guys we need. There will be growing pains with them, but it think they'll be there by the end of the year.

What I'd like to see us bring in is an athletic wing. Too many of our perimeter guys have heavy feet. If we could grab a slasher who can make life uncomfortable for opposing perimeter scorers too big for Remy, I think that fills a hole.

Brad: Damion Lee.

Joel: In an ideal world. For what it's worth, Lee is saying he's making a decision in early May and I haven't seen Xavier linked to him at all. If we're signing a freshman or two, where do you want to see them?

Brad: I've not seen him linked with us anywhere either. It's very possible I'm just dreaming there. I'd like to see us bring in a highly rated point guard and either a slashing wing or a Stainbrook model big man. What is left out there right now, though? I'll confess to not being the most plugged in of us when it comes to recruiting.

Bryan: I think Ricky Tarrant is a very interesting name in the transfer market. I haven't seen who is interested, but he has immediate eligibility and was leading Bama in scoring when he got hurt this year. He dropped 23 on us and had the ability to play on or off the ball, but I think people will be leery of him because of his injury. That being said, I wouldn't mind X making a play for him.

West Coast D'Artagnan: I would love to see Ricky Tarrant come join the Xavier squad. He's definitely got the history of injuries, but he would only be a one year player. With two open spots I would not mind if Xavier got him and I think he would help with losing Dee.

Bryan: Seems like he is flying a bit under the radar right now. Definitely not a like for like swap with Dee, but more suited to the role than Lewis would be. I would be surprised if we weren't at least sniffing around him.

Last season Ricky Tarrant averaged 13.1/2.2/2.0 on a .413/.299/.802 shooting line for Alabama. His offensive efficiency on the year was 110.3, roughly in line with Trevon Bluiett. His turnover rate of 16.1% was excellent, his 18.8% assist rate less so. He managed 19 games before going down with a foot injury.