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Xavier Baseball, Midseason performers

Recap of Xavier's top performers thus far

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

It has been a rocky season for Muskies Baseball so far. But why look at the glass half empty when it really is half full. Obviously, we are not satisfied with our current 8-23 record, but there has been elite play by many Musketeers this year. Let's take a look at this year's top performers thus far.

Batting Average

Nate Soria - The freshman catcher from Homer Glen, Illinois has adjusted to D1 play with much ease. Soria has the team high batting average at .307%. Soria has 23 hits off 75 at bats with 5 doubles, 2 triples, and 1 homerun. Soria also currently shares the team high slugging percentage with freshman Will LaRue at .467%. As  a Xavier Baseball fan you have to love seeing the young freshman making a impact; the future is bright. Is Soria the current Offensive MVP? Still too early to declare anything, but if he keeps up the aggressive bats then it would be hard to vote against him.

Slugging Percentage

Nate Soria - (Freshman) 467%

Will LaRue - (Freshman) 467%


Joe Forney - Senior out of Bloomington, Indiana is making sure his last year counts. He is the current run leader at 15. To add onto his success this year he also has the high on base percentage of the team at 400%.  On top of that Forney also leads the team in walks with 19 on the year. Patience and smart at bats are a staple for Forney, and just shows his veteran savvy. Senior leadership is crucial for a team's success, let's hope Forney keeps this up for the rest of the year.

Hits/Stolen Bases

Andre Jernigan - Former Big East Player of the week has lived up to his prior success. With his quick feet and aggressive base running tactics Jernigan leads the team this year in stolen bases. He has only been caught twice and is 11-13 on the year. Furthermore, Jernigan also leads the team hits with 32. The flourishing junior shortstop is a star on this team and in the Big East. He is certainly another strong candidate for offensive  MVP for the Muskies.


Brian Bruening - Senior out of Columbus, Ohio and is the team leader with 19.



Brian Kirschner and Greg Jackenewitz both lead the Muskies with 2wins. Former Big East Pitcher of the week, Kirschner is 2-6 with a 4.56era and Jackenewitz is 2-3 with a 2.67era. Both Pitchers have had lock down games and with this deadly duo both being sophomores, Muskie fans should be hopeful of more dominating pitching  in future years.


Zac Lowther - Lowther the left handed freshman pitcher out of Brooklyn Heights, Ohio leads the team with the lowest era of 2.35. Off 23innings pitched this year Lowther has allowed 6 earned runs, 16 hits, and has had 21 strike outs. Havving a freshman with this much production is just another sign that the future is bright for the Musketeers.


Trent Astle - Another sophomore. Astle, the lefty from Jeffersonville, Indiana is tied for the lead in strikeouts with 37 on the year. Astle has 37 strikeouts in 40innings pitched.  This pitching staff is very young. Mistakes will happen, but the growth and experience that they are getting now will be invaluable in a couple years down the road. Watch out Big East.

Brad Kirschner - Tied with Astle at 37.