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Weekend News and Notes

Getting replays right and letting players move more freely would help the game. Did John Calipari chase out players who aren't ready for the NBA?

He can't shoot and he's a racist, but Andrew Harrison thinks he's ready for the NBA.
He can't shoot and he's a racist, but Andrew Harrison thinks he's ready for the NBA.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Cavs headline Ridiculously Early Preseason Top 25 (and one) -
What's notable about this isn't necessarily that UC somehow gets a mention and Xavier doesn't, but that there's only one Big East team in the top 26. No Xavier, no Georgetown, no Butler, nobody but Villanova. And why not when you can have Wichita State 10th, SMU 13th, and Miami, LSU, and Florida State in the conversation at all? Does Gary Parrish actually watch basketball?

Will all seven Kentucky players get drafted? - ESPN Video
I was surprised, frankly, that seven players left. A lot has been made of the fact that players are essentially pushed out the door by Calipari so he can bring in more free agents. Still Aaron Harrison is a guard who can't shoot (Andrew is even worse at 37.8% from the floor), Trey Lyles scored 8.7 points per game, and Dakari Johnson managed just 16.3 minutes per game. Is it delusions of grandeur with these guys?

Bold predictions for the 2015-16 season college basketball season - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
Lost in some really dubious "analysis" (there won't be any #1 seeds in the 2016 Final Four because there were three this is a mention of the fact that Marquette has the nation's ninth best recruiting class. It's possible the Golden Eagles will add even more depth to the Big East this year. There is coming a day when eight Big East teams go to the tournament.

3-point shot: Rule changes that could improve the game - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
The 30 second shot clock is a terrible idea. What Katz doesn't mention here is that the 30 second shot clock in the NIT did next to nothing to increase scoring. His second and third points are spot on, though. Replay needs to be used more efficiently and the calls need to be gotten right when officials go to the monitor. Freedom of movement is the big one, though. With as much grabbing and checking as is currently allowed, scores are never going to come back. Let player move, and the pace of the game will increase.

College basketball storylines for 2015-16 - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
Freedom of movement and getting replays right. It's not hard, but for some reason all the articles in the world aren't getting through to the NCAA.