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Xavier 2015 Season Review: Myles Davis Report Card

Myles Davis was the first player the community awarded a B. But for a late season slump, he could have finished even higher.

Myles killed the lovable underdog and didn't feel one bit bad doing it.
Myles killed the lovable underdog and didn't feel one bit bad doing it.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who participated in our inaugural Banners on the Parkway postseason player report cards. We'll be breaking down each player's grades for the rest of this week and on into next week, where we'll reveal the top three finishers according to the community. We'll also be assigning and explaining our own grades of each player. We'll start with the player who got the lowest community ranking and work our way up to the MVP. If you've missed any of the previous players, check them out in our Season in Review section.

Myles Davis # of Votes % of Votes
A 33 19.4%
B 116 68.2%
C 19 11.2%
D 0 0%
F 2 1.2%
Community GPA: 3.05

I'm really quite happy that none of the Banners on the Parkway community graded any of my work in college. Myles landed two Fs, one from a voter who stated "I gave Myles an F because he clearly had the most dumb plays" and had apparently forgotten where Jeff Robinson set the bar for dumb plays, and one from the mysterious fan who gave everyone an F. Myles did well other than that, becoming the first player to crack the B average from the community and receiving the vast majority of his votes right on that line. Myles also garnered the most As of any player reviewed so far.

Offense: B

Myles came into the season having taken a cool 37 two point attempts to go with the 124 threes he lifted last year. On those two point attempts, he shot an appalling 35%. This year Myles was far more committed to showing a varied offensive game. He still shot more threes (164) than twos (113) but his willingness to put the ball on the floor and create made him stand out for Xavier and also made him far more of an offensive threat. His line of 10.6/2.4/2.1 very nearly doubled his production from his freshman year. The only thing keeping Myles from an A here was another end of season fade that saw him make only 28% of his three pointers from February through the conference tournament.

Defense: B

In a man to man, Myles suffered from the same issues as the rest of the team, if not as badly. Myles is in fact very serviceable when faced with another a two guard. In the zone, Myles did a good job jumping into the passing lanes on the wings and, when paired, with JP was very effective in a sideline trap. Beyond that there's not a lot to say other than that Myles' defense seemed to suffer the same end of season slump his shooting did. The odds that both aren't tied into dead legs is quite remote.

The reason this grade is a B is to account for the fact that Myles brought some very needed steel to this team. Whereas other players were sometimes as soft as melted butter, Myles played with the confidence and demeanor of a player unwilling to back down from anyone. As the season went on, that trait became more and more pronounced on a team of generally less demonstrative players. Every team needs a killer, and Myles very much wanted to be Xavier's this year.

Overall grade: B

Myles did what he was supposed to do pretty well this year. His job is generally to bring the instant offensive punch that his backcourt mate occasionally lacked, and he did that. Another torching of Alabama and his dream crushing 17 on 5-8 from deep against Georgia State stand out especially. Davis provided consistent offensive punch from deep for as long as his legs stayed under him. Without another late season swoon his offensive prowess combined with the ability to hold his own on defense make him easily an A level player.

Outside of the two Fs, do you think the community was right to label Myles the first B level player? Do you agree that without a late season slump he was on his way to an A? Drop in the comments and lets us know what grade you gave Myles and why.