Creighton's post-game coverage also noticed the #refshow


"The officiating crew of Brian O’Connell, Jeffrey Anderson, and Wally Rutecki called 52 fouls in this game, which works out to one foul for every 46 seconds of game play. Those fouls were evenly distributed, 26 for each team, so don’t think this is a rant blaming a loss on the officials. It’s not. It’s a rant stating that none of us came to the arena to watch Creighton take 32 free throws and Xavier 28 — if you combine free throw attempts with field goal attempts, nearly 40% of the shots each team took were from the free throw line in this game. That’s absurd. Despite both teams shooting better than 50% from the field, this game had no rhythm, it had no offensive flow, and it took nearly 2-1/2 hours to complete. Yuck."