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Xavier @ Creighton: Live Chat and keys

Escape from Omaha!

Xavier Musketeers (18-12, 8-9)
Creighton Blue Jays Bluejays (13-17, 4-13)

Three keys:-Get Jalen going. Reynolds had 17 and 8 and 3 blocks last time out against Creighton, and they frankly don't have anyone who can keep him from doing that again. Only his own shortcomings (i.e., he didn't appear to have read the scouting report, then he fouled out) kept him from getting more, and it will be the same again Saturday. Xavier should go to their monster big man early and often.

-Guard the corner three. Ricky Kreklow loves it. James Milliken loves it. Creighton is shooting 37% from the right corner and a scalding 45% from the left corner, and nearly 20% of their total shots come from those two places. Xavier cannot be caught out of position when the Bluejays roll the ball down into either corner.

-Work inside-out. Xavier's three-point shooting is 9th in the conference, but their two-point percentage is first. Creighton is last in the conference in shot-blocking and 6th in defensive 2P%. Xavier has a tendency to work the ball around the perimeter to a frustrating extent, but they should be looking to Stainbrook and Reynolds on both posts and Trevon flashing to the foul line and the short corners all day Saturday.