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Twitter detectives confirm Xavier is all over Trey Lewis

Connect the dots, correct for the work of the Illuminati, and what's left has to be the truth. #believe

The pride of Amish country.
The pride of Amish country.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get our Loose Change/grassy knoll/By His Own Hand? caps on for a second here. What on earth could drag Xavier's head coach out of his Macksion (combination of Mack and mansion; try to keep up) in late March? It clearly has to be something worthwhile or else he'd be at another Daddy-daughter dance or whatever.

Now, he's driving through Amish country. Where are the Amish found? No points for guessing Pennsylvania. They're also found in north-central and northeastern Ohio.


Coach Mack is on his way to sign Trey Lewis, late of Garfield Heights and more recently Cleveland State. The pieces all fit: Xavier's silence on the issue, Lewis's old coach confirming the issue, and Mack's sudden trip to the land of butter churns and barn raisings. There's no other possible explanation.

There is a slim possibility that any of the myriads of other possible explanations is possibly correct.