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Brandon Randolph leaving Xavier

Sophomore guard Brandon Randolph has transferred out of Xavier.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

It has been rumored since the Big East season began to wind down that Brandon Randolph would be on his way out of Xavier as soon as he would be granted his transfer. It's hard to blame the young man from California for wanting to leave, while he played 9.7 minutes per game (down from 13.3 last year), he didn't play double digit minutes after Auburn on the 20th of December, a game in which he played 35. In the 26 games after than, Randolph only appeared in 14 of them and played four minutes or less in seven of those games.

Today, Brandon took to Twitter to release a statement announcing he was moving on.

Randolph will have to sit out a year upon transferring. Xavier now has two open scholarships for the upcoming season. The school released a statement from Coach Mack saying, in part, "I'd like to thank Brandon for his time with us at Xavier, he was a big part of back to back NCAA Tournament teams. Brandon wants to contribute more on the court and I respect that desire. "