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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 chat thread, live streams, how to watch


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier is on the way home, but the tournament is going to continue anyway.

The other half of the Sweet 16 will finish tonight, meaning that we'll have the 2015 Elite Eight sometime after midnight EST. Half of the games are on CBS and available to the proletariat, while the other half will be on TBS for those who can fit cable into their budgets. Everyone with a live internet connection will be able to watch through the magic of March Madness Live via the NCAA's website.

(11) UCLA Bruins vs. (2) Gonzaga Bulldogs 7:15pm CBS March Madness Live
(8) North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. (4) Louisville Cardinals 7:37pm TBS March Madness Live
(5) Utah Utes vs. (1) Duke Blue Devils 9:45pm CBS March Madness Live
(7) Michigan State Spartans vs. (3) Oklahoma Sooners 10:07pm TBS March Madness Live

Who do you want? For my money, I'm hoping nobody wins the UCLA/Gonzaga game. Louisville, Utah, and Michigan State would by my preferences out of the other three games. Who really cares though?