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Sweet 16 Live Chat and Live Streams: Xavier v. Arizona

Coverage of Xavier v. Arizona and live streams for every game.

One more time
One more time
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#6 Xavier Musketeers (23-13)

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#2 Arizona Wildcats (33-3)

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Three keys:

Jalen Reynolds: Jalen hasn't had the best of weeks, but the furor over the original announcement of the investigation seems to have died quickly. For Xavier to be in this game at the end, Jalen has to play right on the ragged edge but avoid the foul trouble and technicals that have become his calling card. 25-30 minutes of top of the line Jalen are a must tonight. Bring the Georgia State game again, and this game doesn't end how the national media thinks it will.

Make threes: Xavier needs to score inside, and to do that against Arizona you have to stretch them out a bit. The Wildcats don't allow many threes, only 31.3% of field goal attempts are from deep, and don't allow many makes, teams only shoot 32.9% against them. Still, they've been gashed on occasion this year, and on two of those occasions they lost.

Don't allow a prolonged run: Arizona's defense is too good for Xavier's offense to throw up large amounts of points in a short amount of time. If the Wildcats go 14-2 or something like that, Xavier is looking at a hole it will be hard to dig out of. It's hard to keep a team from ever going on a run against you, but to pull this upset Xavier has to stay in touching distance for 40 minutes.


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