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Twitter explodes as Xavier makes the Sweet 16!

Sweet 16! Catch all the reaction from social media right here. Also, SWEET 16!

Roughly the same reaction we all had.
Roughly the same reaction we all had.
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What a night! There's nothing that quite compares to your favorite team making a March run. The Sweet 16 seemed like a reasonable destination for this team at the start the season and now, after all the ups downs, they stand there again for the fifth time in the last eight years. Last night I heard a radio commentator call Xavier "the most underrated program in the nation." That may very well be true, but once again it's the Musketeers who survive and advance while more storied programs fall by the wayside. And once again, Xavier fans blew up Twitter with celebration.

Mark Lyons checked in from somewhere:

And then the celebration was on:

Then it was time for the team to head home:

I'd say the crowd was excited to see their team! @xaviermbb #LetsGoX #XMarchesOn #Sweet16

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Another Xavier legend sent his congratulations in his typical semi-cryptic fashion:

Three more players with a great tournament run of their own sent congratulations:

And the bittersweet other side of the game. Hats off to Georgia State and the Hunter family. It must be truly special to play in the NCAA tournament for your dad, and in any other game, we'd have all been cheering for them.