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Xavier v. Georgia State: Live chat, live stream, keys to the game

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
#6 Xavier Musketeers (22-13)
#14 Georgia State Panthers (25-9)

Three keys:

- Slow the guards: Hunter hardly ever comes off the floor (91.8% of minutes available) and uses 28.5% of possessions. He's already one of the stories of the tournament and is both a volume scorer and relatively efficient with the ball. He's also 66th in the nation in steal percentage. Ryan Harrow is still say to say with a strained hamstring but uses the ball even more and more efficiently than Hunter. No one guarding either can afford a possession.

- Knock down shots: This seems self evident, but Georgia State struggles limiting looks once the press is broken. 42% of opponent's shots come from behind the arc against the Panthers, more than against all but 11 other teams in the nation. Xavier is going to get a ton of looks from deep. They need to make them.

- Play the packline: Georgia State neither excels at nor enjoys shooting three pointers. They make only 31.9% of the 27.5% of their shots they take from deep. Other than that, Hunter, Harrow, and Kevin Ware slash a lot while Markus Crider and Curtis Washington take up stations inside. Xavier won't have to chase down a lot of shooters, they just have to make sure they close down inside.