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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Where we ponder the biggest questions in the universe

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning Xavier Nation! Your team is in the round of 32 today against upstart Georgia State, who has an injured coach. To get you ready for the game let's talk about some important things. So get on down to the caf and let's get started.

1.) Describe how you watched Thursday's game against Ole Miss and how the experience was for you.

2.) How is your bracket doing right now?

3.) Cats or dogs?

4.) What's the best thing that you've watched recently?

5.) How confident are you for tonight's game and how far do you think that we will go?

As always, please leave your answers in the comments below. It's tournament season so definitely do not be shy. Now let's get ready for 6:10 EST now. AMDG.