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Opening Day With Banners

This is your place for all of our coverage of the first day as it happens.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the related members of the Banners staff land at my place for what is the premier weekend event (for us) of the year. Family members travel in from far and wide, with Bryan being the last in this year, arriving at 12:30 in the morning on Thursday. If you're stuck at work and unable to enjoy the warm embrace of kith and kin on this, the most important day of the year, you can at least pretend to spend it with us.

We will keep this stream updated with our thoughts on the action so far, as well as any rambling thoughts that my occur. Fight off the drudgery of that cubicle by sticking here and surreptitiously refreshing this page. We're stocked in with a literal table full of snacks here at the HQ, and the televisions and computers are tuned to the ball. Stay strong, and we'll give you all the irreverent coverage that you have come to love (or just tolerate, like our mother) us for.