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Join the Banners Bracket Group

Possible prizes are an all expenses paid trip to a room of your choosing within your own home, positive thoughts from at least 2 members of our staff, and a chance to win a high five if we ever meet!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things about Banners is you: our beloved readers, and specifically the chances we have to interact. As long as there has been a tournament, there have been bracket pools between groups of co-workers, friends, and fellow fans, and of course we were compelled to bring the community of Xavier fans here together for a no-holds barred, winner take all, for-pride-only bracket group utilizing SBNation's Realtime Brackets. There is a convenient app for Android and iPhone, as well as a web option, so everyone who wants to should be able to make it work.

You can find the group here and the password is Xavier. Beyond that we are simply going to play the traditional way, despite there being an option where you can change your picks while any game is in progress, and are hoping we can get as many X fans as possible. Good luck and Go Muskies!