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2015 NIT Bracketology and Primer

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

So your team didn't make the Big Dance. I'm sorry to hear that, but wipe those tears, Sad Cinderella. As soon as Xavier didn't get called in 2013, we shifted gears to the NIT here at Banners. We ended up fielding questions from fans of a number of teams, all of whom were disappointed and hopeful at the same time. In order to attempt to accrue all the karmic positivity I can for our team, I'm going to put up similar information here now for those poor souls who are experiencing neither total victory nor total defeat right now.

The NIT Selection Show is on ESPNU at 8:30pm tonight, so order your hot wings and set your DVRs. If you're interested in NIT bracketology (and who isn't?) you can find a very good projection from NYC Buckets here.

The 32-team tournament itself will kick off this Tuesday and Wednesday, with the first-round games being played at the home courts of the higher-seeded teams. The higher seeds continue to host through the first three rounds, but the Final Four is played at Madison Square Garden.

Obviously, it's a big deal to land in the top four seed lines to avoid having to travel to some place like Air Force or Long Beach to play. As soon as your team is slotted somewhere, you can write them in on your printable blank bracket, courtesy of bitterness and disappointment.