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Selection Show live stream, open thread, and printable bracket

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to one of the most wonderful days on the basketball advent calendar. In less than an hour, we'll know who is playing whom, when, and where. We'll be here all evening with our usual Xavier-related analysis, but we're fans first, and watching the Selection Show is definitely fan territory. No other sport in the American landscape has something quite like this.

The Selection Show can be watched live online via NCAA's March Madness live for those of you away from your TVs due to work duties or Sunday night church or whatever.

Feel free to join in with us in the comments. If printing and filling out the bracket as it's announced is your thing, you can find a printable bracket in .pdf form right here. That's obviously an in-demand item right now, so work with us a bit if the SBN servers aren't responding lickety-split. It's tournament time, finally.