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Bubble Watch: March 14

Now known by: As the Bubble Turns

Frank Haith of Tulsa questions how Houston kept it that close.
Frank Haith of Tulsa questions how Houston kept it that close.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another set of disastrous losses for tournament hopefuls. The early results bucked the trend of the week with Davidson roaring back for a win over LaSalle and Temple and Purdue holding off bad losses as well. However, once focus shifted further West, things got a bit dicier. Indiana bowed out to Maryland, not damaging, but also not enough to help them seal a bid, and then Boise State and Colorado State each fell in the semi finals of the Mountain West, where Wyoming now sits a win away from shrinking the bubble by stealing a bid.

Purdue vs. Wisconsin- 1 PM

With the results in the ACC today, Bo Ryan's boys now have a one seed in their sights and will be hoping a Big Ten Tournament title gets it for them. Purdue beat Penn State, which is not so much a good win as not a bad loss. This one would have to make the Boilermakers a frontrunner in the bubble picture, but Wisconsin is a hard win to get.

Davidson vs. VCU- 1:30 PM

In avoiding the loss to LaSalle, Davidson may just have punched their ticket, but it never hurts to sure in March. VCU is reeling since the Briante Weber injury and Davidson destroyed them a week ago, so if this one goes the Wildcats way, it will silence the doubters for good.

Temple vs. SMU- 3 PM

SMU was a very popular team to point at last year as having been deserving of a bid that was never extended to them, and Temple will be trying to avoid a similar fate this season. Temple fought off a very determined Memphis squad on Friday to make it here and will try to avenge a couple of single digit losses and grab a RPI top 25 win here to keep themselves safe from bid thieves.

UCONN vs. Tulsa- 5 PM

Tulsa just narrowly avoided complete disaster by beating Houston by 8, and now face the reality that this win might not be enough to get them in. Had Cincinnati won, things may be different, but the defending National Champs may not be a big enough win to get Tulsa over the hump. Still, a loss would definitely not do them any good, so they have to just keep winning and hope the rest of the bubble shakes out their way.