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Report: guard Brandon Randolph to transfer from Xavier

At least one source believes Brandon Randolph is on his way out.

A rare glimpse of Brandon in his desired habitat.
A rare glimpse of Brandon in his desired habitat.
Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So there's this:

Randolph was brought in two years ago as an athletic backcourt playmaker who was ranked in the ESPN100. Expectations were that he would push Semaj Christon and especially Dee Davis for playing time, but he ended up relegated to a role coming off the bench. After starting the first three games of the year, he saw his minutes dwindle to a total of just 18 in the whole of last March.

This year he again seemed to get a long leash from the coaching staff, seeing double-digit minutes in the first five games and a career-high 35 in the December 20th loss to Auburn. His minutes fell precipitously since then: he has gotten just 49 minutes in the last 20 games, including 9 games in which he didn't feature at all.

Of course, Brandon said this about the situation:

We'll continue to monitor this as it develops. Further bulletins as events warrant.