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Xavier v. Providence: Three Things We Learned

Xavier earned a big home win over Providence. Now what did we learn from this victory?

Jalen Reynolds won the day
Jalen Reynolds won the day
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Reynolds dominated the glass

All game long Jalen stepped it up. While Stainbrook was quiet all game, Reynolds was loud with great put-back layups and monster dunks. On the defensive side he picked up quite a few rebounds and was a large presence. Of course, he had a technical foul, but that just comes with the game for him. Reynolds was an impact player and stepped up his game in the second half. Oh, and he quite possibly had the dunk of the game with less then a minute left in the game. No big deal.

Myles Davis was electric from the three

Myles Davis was played a great game and made a big impact from behind the arc. 4 for 5 from three to give him 12 points on the day. Most of them came in the second half and he had two in quick succession while Xavier was on a big run to retake the lead. Davis stepped up to give Xavier a lead that we never looked back with. How fitting is it that he goes 4-5 from behind the arc the game after making strong and pointed comments? Davis showed up to play today.

Our bench is strong

Over 50 points from the bench in our win. Reynolds, Bluiett, and Macura combined for 48 points in a big game for all three of them. Having Stainbrook be a non-factor would usually be rough, but we had the right guys step up at the right time to lead Xavier. In the second half, Xavier outscored Providence 44-29 and those three players were huge catalysts in this. Today's win was a team effort, and the Musketeers absolutely deserved to win.

And a fourth thing we learned but do not have the room for: Dee Davis had 15 assists.