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Baseball 101: Scholarships

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We have another riveting installation of Baseball 101. Scholarships. How do they work, who gets them and so on and so forth. The standard roster for every NCAA Division 1 baseball team is 35 players. This consist of 27 scholarship players and 8 walk on players. So at the beginning of every year there will be 27 players that are on some type of scholarship and 8 who are not. The 35 man roster is not strict all year round. During the off-season the roster can rise. It is not until season begins that the roster must be narrowed down to 35 players. Scholarships tend to get reduced as a player advances from year to year in order to get more recruits. Once the season begins the roster must be down to 35 players, with 27 of them receiving some type of scholarship.

With Xavier coming off a Big East Championship and making it to the NCAA Tournament last year high profile/scholarship-type players will be more than interested in the program. With only 7 days until opening day and 11 high impact freshman on the roster the anticipation and hype is growing and growing every day. Look forward to tomorrow for my fellow Musketeer Lucky Helms will be posting a season recap for anyone that missed out on the spectacular 2014 season.