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Xavier v. Creighton: Live chat and viewer's guide

This is our lucky photo.
This is our lucky photo.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
The essentials
Time: 9:15 PM
Location: Cintas Center
TV: FOX Sports 1
TWC 317
DirecTV 219
DISH 150
Cincinnati Bell 58/506(HD)
Radio feed: 700 WLW

Xavier Musketeers (14-8, 5-5)


Creighton Bluejays (10-13, 1-9)

Three keys:- Shut down the arc: Creighton doesn't shoot a great percentage (33.2%) from deep, but they take 45% of their shots from behind the arc. The Blue Jays are going to chuck it, and they will pose a problem if they get hot. It will be especially incumbent upon the second big man to close down on Creighton's smaller players.

- Win on the glass: Creighton keeps team off the offensive glass very well, but doesn't get after their own abundant misses all that well. All told, they stand in the middle of the Big East. Xavier is a more extreme version of the Blue Jays, really closing down the defensive glass and rebounding their own misses very poorly. The Musketeers can create massive size problems for Creighton if they so choose. If so, rebounds should be there for the taking.

- Get the walk ons in: If not the walk ons, this should at least be a game where Larry Austin Jr., Brandon Randolph, and Sean O'Mara can get some time on the floor. Again, Creighton is bad. Xavier should win this game handily and, in doing so, get the main rotation players some well earned rest.