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Xavier v. Villanova: Live Chat and keys to the game

Xavier Musketeers (18-11, 8-8)
Villanova Wildcats (26-2, 13-2)
-Win the freebie war. This is kind of key every game, but it's especially vital against an offense as electric as Nova's. Xavier needs to maximize their scoring opportunities by avoiding turnovers and getting offensive boards while diminishing Nova's by turning them over and killing possessions with defensive boards. Simple, but not easy.

-Stay patient on offense. You're not going to match Villanova three-for-three. They are going to have a stretch where they get about nine points from four possessions. Chucking and coming up empty leads to regrets later. Xavier needs to weather the storm by sticking with the plan on the offensive end.

-Good defensive rotations. The temptation against a team like this is to charge down the arc. Villanova knows that, and they are great at making the extra pass. Xavier needs to close out with discipline and recover quickly when the ball moves.