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Xavier v. St. John's: live chat, listings, keys to the game

Let 'em know, Remy.
Let 'em know, Remy.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports
Xavier Musketeers (18-10, 8-7)

Three adjustments/keys:

- Defend the perimeter: St. John's was just too athletic in the last meeting, and James Farr and Matt Stainbrook were particularly exposed. The 1-3-1 may allow too many three point looks, but Coach Mack can hardly just let Pointer run past a big every time down the floor again. Is Bluiett quick enough to take him one on one?

- Make threes: In the first game between these teams, Xavier finished on a 3-16 stretch from deep. Since then, they are shooting 51% from behind the arc. If Xavier knocks down threes, Matt Stainbrook (17/9/4 in the first game) and Jalen Reynolds (12/7/0) will take advantage of their muscle advantage against the slender St. John's bigs inside. Dee Davis starting the game with a make or two will be vital.

- Turn the Johnnies over: The ten turnovers Xavier first in the last game were roughly in line with the 15.7% TO rate that St. John's has averaged on the year. The Red Storm take care of the ball, but Xavier has to force more turnovers in order to avoid being matched up on the defensive end on a team that got them for 1.15 points per possession at the Cintas last time.