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Xavier v. Butler: Three Things We Learned

Xavier got an emphatic win against Butler to strengthen the tournament resume.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Momentum might be building

After a blowout turned gutting comeback turned emotional win over UC, there was a question of whether Xavier could get rolling or if they would suffer a hangover. I think this game answered it fairly comprehensively. Hosting a top-25 team, Xavier took them apart in every facet of the game. The absence of Andrew Chrabascz and Kellen Dunham's foul trouble certainly helped, but Xavier dominated inside, made timely threes, and owned the glass. This was a great game.

Xavier's shooting resurgence might be for real

The Muskies shot the eyes out of the ball in the non-conference schedule, but they suffered a shooting slump in Big East play. They've lately been recovering from behind the arc, and their 10-17 in the Shootout and today's 7-16 might indicate that the team's collective shooting eye is in. If that's the case, this offense is going to be a tough matchup when March comes around.

The #RefShow is for real

If you tuned in to see officials officiate, you were in luck today. The first half saw two hair-trigger technicals (one on each coach) and early foul trouble for both teams. Dee, Stainbrook, and Reynolds each had 2 fouls by the under-8, and Kellen Dunham and Austin Etherington each had 3 at the half for Butler. Dunham's third was especially poor; he backpedaled out of Remy Abell's path on a fast break only to get called for a foul by an official who anticipated contact. I don't have any affection for Dunham, but he especially had every right to feel hard done by with the officials' desire to be on TV.