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Xavier v. Butler: live chat, TV/radio, keys to the game

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Musketeers (17-10, 7-7)


Butler Bulldogs (19-7, 10-4)

Three keys:
-Score in the paint. Butler really runs teams off the arc on defense but they can be had (a little bit) in the paint. Posting deep and working big-to-big are going to be important to Xavier's offensive efforts today, as is cutting effectively from the perimeter.

-Hold up on the glass. Butler commits four or five guys to the glass on both ends of the floor on most possessions. This results in a slower-paced game but some serious rebounding dominance for the Bulldogs. Xavier's not going to entirely flip the scenario on Butler, but killing defensive possessions with rebounding is going to be especially important if X wants to come away with a win.

-Build on the Shootout. Xavier nearly threw it away in the second half, but some gritty play in the final minute gave them a hugely emotional win over UC. With four games left in the regular season, that could prove the perfect springboard into a solid finish and some security on Selection Sunday. It's a tough closing stretch, but the Muskies control their own destiny right now. They just need to keep the momentum rolling.