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#CrosstownShootout: Three Things We Learned

Oh my goodness.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Davises are clutch

The Musketeers gave this one away piecemeal, just slowly fading out of the game after a hot start until UC tied it up with a tip in with just under two minutes remaining. After coming out scoring from all over in the first half, Xavier didn't appear to have anyone who wanted the ball at the big moments other than Dee Davis, and he buried a three to put Xavier up. After Farad Cobb missed a three in UC's final possession, it was a huge board for Myles that sealed the deal for the Muskies.

Gary Clark is going to be trouble

UC's freshman forward flashed a scoring range of about 11 inches, but he is so long and athletic and so relentless in the paint and on the glass that he's always going to get his. By the time his four years are over at Cincinnati, Musketeer fans are not going to remember him fondly.

Xavier still has tournament life

It wasn't pretty, but Xavier got the result they needed. The Muskies still have plenty of questions, but a loss today would have put them in a borderline untenable position. Instead, they did just enough to leave a hostile road arena with a clutch victory.