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Xavier Baseball vs Cancer

If you wish to donate please click on the link.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With t-minus 3 days left until Xavier Baseball officially launches this Friday at Army. Before the long treacherous journey begins, massive fatalities of Daivd's Sunflower Seeds, and a lot of Major League Chewing Gum being consumed and spit out, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about an even bigger battle that Xavier Baseball is fighting. It is a battle that is of even higher importance then making it to the College World Series. However, they are not fighting this battle alone. 143 college baseball teams have all joined forces with the "Vs Cancer Foundation" to raise 750,000 dollars in order to help fight the battle to cure kid's cancer.

The "Vs Cancer Foundation" mission statement. "Dedicated to saving kid's life by empowering athletes and communities to fund lifesaving childhood cancer efforts." the "Vs Cancer foundation" was inspired by the inspirational story of Chase Jones. Chase Jones was a North Carolina Chapel Hill baseball commit who got diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. Chase is a cancer survivor who founded the "Vs Cancer Foundation."  Half of all proceeds will benefit national childhood cancer research, and the other half will help kids directly at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. By donating you can make both a local and national impact on the battle against Cancer. Now Xaiver baseball is currently 11 out of the 143 teams raising money for this cause. As of now they have already surpassed their goal by raising 12,279 dollars. But, who doesn't love some friendly competition? West Raleigh Baseball is currently in a dominant first place lead with a little over 60,000 dollars raised for the "Vs Cancer Foundation." The current campaign going on right now is "Baseball V Cancer 2014." With currently 588,861 dollars raised (79% to the total goal) let's see if Xavier nation can step up our game and show some love to the "Vs Cancer Formation. " Remember, there is only one opponent in this battle and that is cancer. Every donation matters and can positively affect someone's life. If you want to donate or become more aware of the issue at hand, the link is put down below. More Xavier baseball coverage will be coming in soon.