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Xavier v. Wright State: Set Your Depth Chart

The Raiders should be a very beatable opponent for X, but what personnel give you the most confidence X goes into the Shootout undefeated?

Psst, we should smoke these guys.
Psst, we should smoke these guys.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier is clearly on a roll right now, having smoked WKU on Saturday after taking home the Advocare Invitational title the previous weekend. Basically every eye in Xavier fandom will be turning to Saturday's meeting with UC, but there is still in state rival Wright State to deal with before then. In the final run out before the rivalry game, what do you want to see out of Xavier?

Wright State is probably easy to overlook, seeing as they have only beaten one DI opponent this year. They are the very worst team in the nation at 2 point shooting and offensive rebounding, meaning interior defense should not be an issue for Xavier, but somehow are 5th best at defensive rebounding, counteracting one of the Musketeers' greatest strengths this season. They don't force many turnovers so do you run out LAJ and try to rebuild his confidence? Will tonight be another chance for O'Mara, London, and Gates to try and convince Coach Mack they are worthy of being next in the rotation behind James and Jalen? If we lose this game, will you harm yourself? Please don't.

Depth chart over the past 5 games
4 Edmond Sumner 6-6  183  Fr 58% 15 Myles Davis 6-2  188  Jr 60% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  197  Sr 51% 5 Trevon Bluiett 6-6  208  So 63% 2 James Farr 6-10  244  Sr 50%
55 JP Macura 6-5  203  So 35% 0 Larry Austin 6-2  179  So 26% 55 JP Macura 6-5  203  So 18% 13 Makinde London 6-10  220  So 17% 1 Jalen Reynolds 6-10  238  Jr 34%
0 Larry Austin 6-2  179  So 6% 10 Remy Abell 6-4  197  Sr 11% 5 Trevon Bluiett 6-6  208  So 17% 1 Jalen Reynolds 6-10  238  Jr 14% 54 Sean O'Mara 6-10  247  So 10%
15 Myles Davis 6-2  188  Jr 12% 54 Sean O'Mara 6-10  247  So 5% 22 Kaiser Gates 6-8  217  Fr 5%