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Can Sean O'Mara be a horse? Should JP stop shooting? Can we rein Ed in?

Let's do something a little different.

Does it look like Coach Mack is about to kiss someone?
Does it look like Coach Mack is about to kiss someone?
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it: setting the Xavier depth chart at this point is a lot like asking you all to give us your opinion on which cardinal direction the sun is going rise in tomorrow morning. I do love talking Xavier basketball though - especially right now - so let's throw out a few roster questions to get things rolling in advance of the Skip Prosser Classic or Shootout or Game or whatever it's officially called.

How far can Sean O'Mara be ridden?

There's no question at this point that O'Mara is a viable third big man, especially on offense. He doesn't defend as well as either of James and Jalen, and he's a really big step down on the offensive glass, which is obviously a big deal to Xavier. He's perfectly fine for extending a lead against Auburn, but how long would you trust him against a Big East opponent with James and Jalen both in foul trouble?

Do we want/need JP to keep shooting threes?

Macura was rated as one of the best shooters in his class, but he shot 33.7% from deep last year and is posting just a 31.2% mark from deep this year. Meanwhile, he has been shooting really well inside the arc and has been a really effective playmaker off the bounce. With his being so good when he comes inside the arc and Ed, Myles, and Trevon all shooting so well from deep, should Xavier's dunk contest champ stick to moving towards the rim?

Can Ed cut down on turnovers (and does it matter)?

Sumner, you've likely observed, is a heck of a ballplayer. He's also kind of prone to turning the ball over fairly frequently. It's obviously important for him to improve his ball security; it's less clear that he can or will. The bigger question might be where or nor it will make a difference to his playing time. If he doesn't clean it up, is there a better option than just letting him play through it?