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Xavier v. Auburn: three takeaways

It's good to be undefeated, so Xavier stays that way.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier came out of the gates on an 8-0 run and basically never looked back today, beating Kareem Canty and a handful of dudes he apparently met on the ride over in fairly convincing fashion. Xavier will leave Cintas silent until the new year and have only the game at Wake Forest standing between the Muskies and a perfect 12-0 conference season.

Jalen can dominate if he can stay on the floor

Auburn just didn't have an answer for Xavier's big man and his array of scoring moves ranging from big time dunks to running hook shots off the top edge of the glass. Xavier was clearly looking to establish him in the first half, and it paid off as he poured in 14 points in 14 minutes. Big men who can hit free throws are always going to be a huge boost to the offense, and Jalen's increased ability to execute from the line is paying dividends this year.

Trevon is just fine

After getting just one basket in the Shootout and scoring just three points in the first half of this game, Trevon came out and got 8 points in the first two and a half minutes of the second half. He scored on the drive, from behind the arc, and at the line without ever really forcing his shots. I think he's going to be okay going into conference play.

Xavier is silly deep

Myles Davis was Xavier's Crosstown Shootout hero, leading the team with 17 points and providing the kind of steady leadership you need in a big time rivalry game. Today he had one bucket while the game was anywhere close to in question. Instead of leaning on Myles, Xavier had five guys (including Sean O'Mara) go into double figures in another perfunctory decimation of a major conference opponent. The only question with Xavier's offense this year is where the points are going to come from.