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Crosstown Shootout: three takeaways

That's never a comfortable game, but there's no better feeling than beating UC.

There is nothing better than a win in a rivalry game, and this is the biggest rivalry there is. Even up big at the half, you knew it wasn't going to be easy, but the score at the horn is all that matters.

Xavier has the better coaches

Maybe no play illustrated it more than Xavier's running a cross screen for a layup for James Farr out of a timeout. Anyone who watches X has seen that play 20 times this year, but UC was completely lost when James laid it in. Doesn't UC have a video guy? Meanwhile, Coach Mack's defensive game plan had UC completely off its game while Mick Cronin fussed and fumed at the officials. This was a clinic.

Xavier has the better players

The Muskies rode their talent to a 16-point halftime lead despite having just three points from Tre and four minutes from Jalen. When UC cut the lead to 6, Xavier had a 6'5" freshman point guard in Edmond Sumner who got a big bucket and an assist to stretch it back to 9. UC's freshman point guard is 5'10" and didn't make much of an impact on the game. With the big guns silent, Xavier had enough depth to step up and deliver.

Xavier has the better program

The Musketeers were bolstered by a massive home court advantage thanks to their continually-updated on-campus venue. The Musketeers were featured in the pregame for their consistent appearances in the Sweet 16. The Musketeers graduate everyone who comes through the program. Enjoy those 60-year-old national championships, UC fans. The present and future belong to Xavier.