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Xavier v. Northwood: three things we learned

Xavier moves to 1-0 in exhibition action.

I need some new pictures of this guy.
I need some new pictures of this guy.
Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Blah blah blah about not drawing big conclusions from a dang exhibition game. You're all adults or minors with good taste in websites, so you already know that. Nearly two thirds of the year have gone by since we got to see Xavier in their uniforms and playing a different school's team. This was fun.

It was also our first glance at what Coach Mack has in mind for the team and what the team is going to be able to offer for the fans. Here are just a few observations from the action:

Point guard is a position of strength

I know it was Northwood, but both Ed Sumner and Larry Austin, Jr looked good today. Sumner is probably a little bit more explosive in terms of being able to put his man on skates, but LAJ looked every bit like the Dee Davis 2.0 style floor leader we were hoping he'd be when he signed. Meaningful minutes were divided fairly evenly, and we even got to see them on the floor together at times. Whoever Mack decides to start - it was Sumner today - the team is going to be in good hands.

Joe Sunderman was interviewed about the point guard situation at halftime. You can see what he had to say here.

Foul trouble will be a situation to monitor

Freedom of movement was once again a point of emphasis in the offseason, and it looked like it today. With officials calling the game tight, a number of Muskies were picking up fouls like they could be traded in for cash and prizes at the end of the night. This is a deep team, but you don't want to be handing out free points every time an opponent puts the ball on the deck and runs at the rim.

This team is going to be fun to watch

Trevon Bluiett hit a three on Xavier's first possession. Dunk contest champ JP Macura came off the bench and started pouring home points. Ed Sumner scored 17 in 16 minutes. Myles Davis looked good shooting and flashed his growing versatility on offense. There's no doubting what Jalen Reynolds brings to the floor. There are probably going to be some growing pains, but this is as talented a bunch as we've seen at Xavier for a while.