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Xavier v. Northwood exhibition game thread and live feed info

Let's talk about basketball, or whatever.

"Guess what? We're playing today."
"Guess what? We're playing today."
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier is back in open action against a non-Xavier opponent for the first time since their Sweet 16 defeat against Arizona. It's an exhibition game against D2 Northwood, but it counts. I mean, it doesn't count count, but it's Xavier basketball.

Most exhibitions are seen as kind of warmup games, a walkover getting the team ready for the early-season guarantee games that in turn get them ready for the real competition later in the year. There have been a couple of alarming early results this year though; Iowa lost at home to D2 power Augustana on this buzzer-beating jumper. St. John's did them one better (or one worse, really) and got stomped by a middling D2 team to the tune of 90-58.

I don't think either of those will be the case for Xavier. We're not going to see for certain today if Xavier is a Sweet 16 team, but we will get to see them in action and executing for the first time all year. There is no game broadcast or radio feed, but you can follow XUAthletics on Periscope (here for Android or here on Apple products). For the first time in 226 days, it's game day.