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I has a sad: Dayton's reaction to Xavier's dominance

Today in schadenfreude.

Maybe next year, buddy.
Maybe next year, buddy.

One of the fun things about tearing up somebody who honestly thought they were going to beat you - and that it was going to mean a lot to them - is watching them try to rationalize what just happened. I recognize that this tendency shouldn't be the top line of my emotional resume, but it's there and I suspect I'm not alone it in. Let's see what the Flyers' faithful were feeling after last night's decimation.

UD fans like many things more than Xavier | Dayton Daily News

However, as it turns out, there are a lot of things Flyer fans like more than Xavier: King Joffrey, from Game of Thrones, yellow starburst, coffee with mayo, etc.They used a Twitter hashtag to tell the world about those things this weekend.

I'm going to start here. Like any mouthy little brother that is eventually going to make you put your phone down and re-establish the pecking order, Dayton had plenty to say before the contest started. This is the moment that you silently point back to after the scoreboard goes dark.

Game Recap: Xavier Blows Out Dayton in Advocare Invitational Final |

Dayton looked like they could possibly make a run as they went into halftime down 43-35 in a half that the Musketeers more or less dominated. If the Flyers could just lock down a bit and get someone like Charles Cooke going from beyond the arc then this could have quickly become a game.

Instead Xavier stepped on the Flyers throats and coasted to a 90-61 tournament title in Disney World. All five of the Musketeers' starting five finished in double-figures, lead by Edmond Sumner with 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists.

My favorite part of this article? The URL. Enjoy your mid-major status Dayton. Just remember: southwest Ohio has once major conference basketball team and it's not you.

Miller hopes Flyers learn from 29-point loss to Xavier | Dayton Daily News

Dayton point guard Scoochie Smith left the court with a towel draped over his head as Xavier players celebrated in the background and prepared to hoist the AdvoCare Invitational championship trophy.

The Flyers didn't stick around to watch their former Atlantic 10 rival pose for photos with Mickey Mouse.

Back to the drawing board, Scooch.

The sock is on the other foot | Blackburn Review

Xavier came out determined to put a hurting on Dayton, and that's exactly what they did, winning 90-61 (and it wasn't even that close)... It never felt like Dayton was even in this one.

Tom Blackburn has a fairly irreverent view on Dayton basketball, but he's also usually spot on. Here he identifies that Xavier was (and is) the much better team and that Dayton has plenty of holes to patch. If you want to read a fairly bitter opposing fan say nice things about Xavier, this is the post for you. If a smattering of profanity and a reference to a grotesque sexual act aren't your cup of tea, steer clear.